Our Story

We believe that we can do the most good by being good at what we do, and doing what we love.
— Jacob & Joy

Jacob & Joy are social entrepreneurs based in Nashville, TN.

The couple connected through their shared passion for community building, designing creative events, and having fun together with friends and family. After Joy's health scare and surgery a year ago, they are especially happy to be celebrating their wedding with family, friends, and a large community of supporters.

Jacob & Joy work with community organizations throughout the year. Jacob directs the touring company of Playing By Air Productions, donating a Creativity Moves Kids outreach program to local schools and charities with each event appearance. The couple also help match corporate sponsors and non-profit partners with consulting agencies Creativity Moves Events and High-Wired Communities.

Fun Facts: Joy is a vegetarian and her favorite color is pink. Jacob has been a juggler since he was 10 years old, and is always looking for creative ways to make people laugh and smile together.

Our Engagement Video: