Charity Wedding Registry:
Ending Hunger in Nashville

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We are using the online fundraising site for this campaign. All donations through this link are tax deductible and will go directly to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

As we start our new lives together, it will mean so much for us to have your help to make a positive impact in Nashville.



Jacob & Joy Got married in March 2016! :)

Instead of gifts and a traditional wedding registry, we are asking for your help to raise over $10,000 in order to create a grant with the goal of ending hunger in Nashville.

We are celebrating by launching a wedding registry fundraiser to establish a grant with the goal of ending hunger in Nashville, TN. The fund, administered through the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, will provide grants to non-profits and social entrepreneurs for innovative pilot projects that address hunger, food insecurity, food deserts, community gardens, health, and nutrition.

Despite Nashville being a booming "it" city, many of its residents and families struggle with poverty, underemployment, and hunger. 1 in 5 Nashville citizens live in a food desert where they don't have access to grocery stores, healthy food, and fresh produce.

In addition to providing immediate assistance to families in need, the new "catalyst grant" will encourage creativity and collaboration among our community to solve this complex problem.

This cause is important to both of us, and we have seen in our work with local non-profits how hunger affects so many aspects of living a healthy and happy life. We believe that our community has the potential to end hunger in Nashville in 10 years!